AACC receives three 2015 Hermes Creative Awards AACC.

Kreizman. ‘We at AACC are honored to end up being identified by the Hermes Creative Awards for our efforts to provide laboratory practitioners with the information they have to improve patient health through effective testing, analysis, and treatment. The initiative's portal enables all people living with MS to play an active role in research, empowering them to submit their health data securely, propose topics of study that are most significant to them, impact the extensive research that is completed by the initiative, and be informed about the research process and specific studies truly.To overcharge for several generic drugs, and to substitute other more expensive drugs instead of that which was actually prescribed. Filed by the United Food and Commercial Workers Unions and Employers Midwest Health and Pension Fund, the lawsuit alleges that Walgreens violated federal government racketeering laws by setting up special arrangements with Par to illegally alternative more expensive generic drugs instead of less expensive types, which boosted profits for both Walgreens and Par mutually. Walgreens and Par involved in at least two widespread schemes to overcharge insurance companies, self-insured union and companies health and welfare funds.