Abortion is a debatable issue but you are an architect of your life!

Fertilization occurs in one day after an intercourse but it might continue up to 6 days later too. This is a very crucial stage as the genetic composition is set in this stage. Gender, eye color, locks color, and other features are being fixed which will be permanent through the entire full life. 50 % of females who choose to abort have previously had one prior abortion. What are the reasons behind abortion? There are infinite reasons for abortions; they could be classified under different verticals like personal, social, emotional etc. Unwanted pregnancy, unable to raise a young child, migration from one country to another, poor economic condition, risk to mother’s life, birth deformity, higher career goals, breakable ties with partner, uncertain social situations like battle, riot, insurgency movement, failing of contraception, social pressure or spiritual beliefs etc.For every 10 micrograms per cubic meter increase in long-term contact with coarse particles, participants experienced the average 0.020 unit decline in global rating during a two-year period. Likewise, the two-year global rating decline for every 10 microgram per cubic meter increase in fine particle exposure was 0.018. These adjustments had been on par with differences in the cognitive trajectories of women approximately two years apart in age, the researchers noted. Therefore if we learn how to prevent or delay these cognitive increments, maybe we can prevent or delay dementia. And we can help to try to prevent them at that known level. She said more analysis must be done.