According to the writer of a Comment in this weeks problem of The Lancet.

.. AIDS deaths depleting ranks of medical researchers more than recruitment overseas in Africa rapidly AIDS deaths are depleting the ranks of health professionals more rapidly than recruitment overseas in some countries in sub-Saharan Africa, according to the writer of a Comment in this week’s problem of The Lancet. From the annual death count, Frank Feeley and colleagues estimated that over ten years, death would claim more nurses and clinical officers in two districts in Zambia than resignation or normal retirement .We recognized 101 nonsynonymous point mutations and 32 indels and mapped their regional distributions across the tumor . Sanger sequencing was used to validate 42 mutations. Of these mutations, 37 were specifically validated in regions in which they were initially identified , documenting genetic intratumor heterogeneity. A minimal false negative mutation contact rate is required to avoid overestimation of intratumor heterogeneity. We performed ultradeep exon-catch sequencing of R4 and R9 to investigate whether heterogeneous mutations that were not found in R4 or R9 could be detected by increasing the sequencing depth .