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African American women with breast cancer receive no follow-up care after lumpectomy.

Research has shown that the usage of recommended breast tumor treatments varies by race, but there is bound data looking at such disparities at a national level. To research, Grace Smith, MD, PhD, MPH, of the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Middle in Houston and colleagues analyzed data from a nationwide cohort of Medicare individuals and quantified racial disparities in the usage of recommended radiation therapy after lumpectomy for invasive breasts cancer.All eligible subjects were randomly assigned to receive one of the interventions: the inactivated influenza vaccine or matching placebo administered simply by intramuscular injection or the live attenuated influenza vaccine or matching placebo administered by intranasal spray, in ratios of 5:1:5:1, respectively. Nurses and Participants administering study interventions were not alert to whether vaccine or placebo was administered, however they were alert to the path of administration. Once they had received the scholarly study vaccine or placebo, the participants were given diary cards listing feasible reactions to vaccination and were asked to complete a card each day for 7 days, documenting any reactions that they had.