Age Gracefully Through Ayurveda Ayurveda is the traditional medical system of India.

Chronology of aging in ayurveda is normally Childhood, Advancement, Complexion, Intellectual grasping power, Skin health, Visual acuity, Sexual excellence, Vigor, Intellect, Manual actions, Response to stimulus, Life. These elements are decaying in each decade. So death will occur at 120 years. On a comparison with today’s life status it could be understood that people should adopt the ways of ayurvedic living for optimum health so that we can surpass 120 years gracefully without the diseases.Abdominal fat more significant than overall weight in exercise-induced shortness of breath With regards to being brief of breath during exercise, how fat is distributed on your body is a far more significant factor than overall body fatness or lung function, say researchers at the Institute for Environmental and Exercise Medicine, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. They found that females with higher levels of abdominal fat required even more oxygen during exertion.