All About Menstruation People talk a lot about periods.

For most women, it amounts to about 2 tablespoons . To catch the blood and prevent stains on her behalf clothes, a girl can wear a pad, which sticks to her underwear, or a tampon, which is inserted into the vagina. What’s Going On Inside? The blood vessels and tissue leaves the body because it’s no longer needed. It originates from the uterus, the organ in the woman’s body where a baby grows. Each full month, tissue and blood build-up in the uterus in case the woman becomes pregnant. That lining will be needed if the woman’s egg was fertilized by a man’s sperm cell. A fertilized egg attaches to that cushiony lining and starts growing into a baby. But usually, the egg will not get fertilized, the lining is shed, and the woman or girl has her period.Internists provide care for more Medicare patients than any other medical specialty. ACP strongly believes that Medicare and various other health plans should be reformed to progress the Patient-Centered Medical House, a style of health-care delivery that has been proven to result in better quality, more efficient use of resources, reduced utilization, and higher patient fulfillment. Thursday’s Subcommittee hearing supplied a chance to focus on important benefits of the Patient-Centered Medical House.