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What therefore, of course, is normally that not only is the Tdap vaccine worthless medically, but it can also be the driving power behind the outbreaks themselves. Besides assisting to spread the condition itself potentially, the whooping cough vaccine can be implicated in causing critical unwanted effects such as encephalitis, convulsions, and brain inflammation, according to an extensive report compiled by Heidi Stevenson over at Gaia Health. Dating back as far as 1933, the whooping cough vaccine has even been linked with causing sudden infant death syndrome, also known as crib or cot death, a condition in which a child instantly dies for no apparent reason.The collaboration with the leading national oncology centers has resulted in several ongoing clinical research projects, most of them supervised by the team’s expert, Dr. Katarina Kolostova – – specifically, a gene expression profiling research of 140 breast tumor patients which has shown the potential for therapy individualization. Preliminary results from the task illuminate the evolution of the CTCs in the peripheral bloodstream throughout disease progression. These results, if reproducible on a larger patient population, will have a substantial impact on therapy prognostics, Dr.