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Don’t bring them inside with you after you’ve been outside. Once you return home, remove your shoes and take a quick shower. With an especially tough allergy time of year anticipated this year, we’re proud to partner with AAFA and Dr. Linda Dahl to provide a helpful resource and community for our active Puff supporters and followers, said Laura Dressman, Puffs Face Tissues. It was an all natural fit to team up with Puffs this allergy season, said Mike Tringale, Vice President of Exterior Affairs for AAFA. Regardless of what can cause the sniffles and sneezes, patients want comfort when dealing with these aggravating symptoms, and great items like Puffs tissues are part of total quality care.About 55 % of the parents smoked and nearly 7 % of the children were subjected to secondhand smoke, the researchers found. In all, nearly 13,000 cases of cavities were identified. Dr. Rosie Roldan, director of the pediatric oral center at Nicklaus Children’s Medical center in Miami, stated that tobacco smoke might switch the saliva and various other biochemistry had a need to clean and protect teeth. Secondhand smoke puts children at risk for heart disease, breathing difficulties, and for cavities possibly, she said.

PRESS RELEASE LAS VEGAS, NV —This week the American Pharmacists Association Foundation will be showcasing the newly launched Patient Self-Administration Solutions at the Society for Human Resource Administration Annual Conference and Exposition.