If HIV-infected monocytes and LPS can enter the bloodstream as a 1-2 punch for entry into the brain.

Four days later, HIV-producing monocytes could the brains of the brains of roughly 25 % of the control mice, as in the preceding experiment. To assist in contrast, more than twice as many of the brains of HIV-TG mice, systemic HIV infection contained HIV-producing monocytes. Even more impressive: When present, HIV-producing monocytes were three times more numerous in the brains of HIV – TG mice than in the brains of mice control.. If HIV-infected monocytes and LPS can enter the bloodstream as a 1-2 punch for entry into the brain, monocytes. A systemic HIV infection- – seem to help soften the BBB third punch are. With this discovery, Dr. Goldstein used his HIV – TG mouse strain, in which HIV replication associated known inside brain cells with the BBB.

These preventive or therapeutic preventive or therapeutic strategies. To preserve the integrity of the BBB in HIV-infected people, says Dr. Goldstein, could be an approach the LPS the LPS level in their blood and reduce increased then. We may be able to antibiotics, the intestinal bacteria, use use to kill make, and drugs are already available to LPS to LPS and clear it from the blood, says Dr. Goldstein. Ideally, we would immediately start newly diagnosed HIV-infected patients on a treatment to strengthen its BBB is such last year, not penetrate – and perhaps we could even strengthen the BBB of people who have for a long time but infected. .Further studies are needed to ascertain whether the relevant bacterial in the the bubbles of the women in this study have urinary system conditions, Brubaker said. When is the case, there trials studies possible to, the at – risk of these conditions, which possibly modify as we are manage patients identified.

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