In the September 1 issue of the journal Sleep according to a report.

I-m involved with another research study where we try non-invasively to eliminate the yellow color of the lens using a laser, but the method is not yet developed for medical use,’ Kessel said. For the time being, Kessel said it seemed prudent to recommend that physicians reconsider the prescription of sleeping tablets in sufferers who’ve undergone cataract surgery.. Age-related lens yellowing linked to sleep disorders Cataract could be factor in frequent insomnia among elderly A natural yellowing of the eye zoom lens that absorbs blue light offers been linked to sleep disorders in a group of test volunteers, in the September 1 issue of the journal Sleep according to a report.Both are excellent products. Sources not mentioned in text: Katrina Thompson, ‘The Recovery Plant’, Malignancy Salves Sacred Medication Sanctuary. ‘Astragalus’, University of Maryland INFIRMARY. ‘Schisandra’, Life Extention Center. Dr. Maoshing Ni, Secrets of Longevity.About the authorBarbara is a educational school psychologist, a published author in the region of personal finance, a breast cancer survivor using ‘alternative’ treatments, a born existentialist, and a student of nature and all things natural.. A key health law question: Will premium costs rise or not? Politico explores how this problem is at the heart of how the health law can be judged.