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In a study in the latest Journal of the American Medical Association, Madhuri Reddy, a geriatrician at Hebrew Senior Life in Boston, published says that the treatment of two or more of them may simultaneously for only a few cents per dose to facilitate the treatment of these diseases. ‘will be treated at least two of the most common neglected tropical diseases potentially simultaneously with existing oral drug treatments,’writes Dr. Reddy ‘facilitate effective and efficient treatment to raise awareness of neglected tropical diseases, their global impact, the availability of oral drug treatments is an important step in the fight against these diseases.

Hebrew SeniorLife is committed to maximizing the quality of life of seniors through an integrated system of housing, health care, research and teaching.. The neglected tropical diseases are rated roundworm and whipworm, affecting the growth and cognitive function and affects nearly 2 billion people, hookworm, which causes malnutrition and anemia; snail fever, growth and academic performance impact and cause kidney failure, elephantiasis, which disfigured limbs and genitals; causing river blindness, the eye injury and dermatitis; trachoma, the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world black fever, the second most common parasitic killer, Chagas disease, which, in an irreversible heart esophagus and colon damage and affects mostly children and leprosy, nerves nerves, limbs and eyes.The study, by the University of Calif. University Wide AIDS Research Program at that immigrant patients is does not for medication therapy and other preventative measures in that reduce the transferring sponsored. An immigrant status together with linguistic barriers presents an additional weak point which. In lack of understanding about HIV / AIDS preventing and treating.

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