It is estimated that by 2013 about 12 million people from suffer from glaucoma.

The cost of the medical treatment of glaucoma, which is currently the most common form of treatment, estimated to be over $ 3 billion euros annually worldwide. Such medications, although initially effective draw challenged by very poor patient compliance and, at times, limited long-term impact. Given this, we believe that the IOPtiMate TM system provides an effective, secure and efficient solution for a large and urgent. Our system has shown that a fast, safe and long-term treatment, which is settled offered offered by alternative treatments today to offer in comparison.

The company is currently in a wet lab demonstration at the conference, where leading glaucoma surgeons to train who world IOPtiMate TM. System cadaver eyes, the company believes that demonstration demonstration and compared highlighting IOPtiMate advantages over alternative treatments for glaucoma.

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