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Hendrik van Deventer, MD, University of NEW YORK at Chapel Hill, will study a mainly unstudied kind of cell, called fibrocytes, which are crucial for tumor metastasis. Dr van Deventer is usually exploring the possibility that two classes of drugs already in existence may block the function of the fibrocytes. Malignancy Survivorship Qian Lu, MD, PhD, University of Houston, will check the cultural efficacy and sensitivity of an expressive writing intervention, demonstrated to provide psychological benefit to cancers survivors, among Chinese-speaking breasts cancer survivors.It’s known as AQ. AQ is certainly a play on IQ and means Autoimmune Quotient. It’s about knowing how most likely you or someone you care about is to build up an autoimmune disease, based on the prevalence of these diseases as well as your family health background. In eight steps, you, too, can boost your knowing of autoimmune diseases and begin to calculate your own Autoimmune Quotient. 1.Recognize that autoimmune disease takes its major U.S. Health crisis impacting 50 million Us citizens.