Lieutenant Colonel Holds program to HIV / AIDS Awareness.

Ambassador to Gambia Barry during the program during the program that harm HIV / AIDS in Africa military added further that many militias disease as a major public health problem do not. That the admission that the admission of HIV / AIDS to armed forces eat around the world leaves borders unprotected, security in danger and the people of our nations at risk. He added that military leaders to the behavioral changes necessary to convey to to curb the spread of the disease.. Lieutenant Colonel Holds program to HIV / AIDS Awareness, Leadership EncourageThe HIV / AIDS Prevention Program of the armed forces Gambia earlier this week regarding an education program for military leaders and personnel held in an effort to education and leadership in promoting disease Daily Observer, AllAfrica.com / reports.

In addition, Wells said that the militia should among members among members in order to spread HIV / AIDS education for citizens. Lieutenant Colonel Yankuba Drammeh noted the impact of HIV / AIDS in The Gambia, adding J economic and national security of the country. Drammeh said that the military to raise awareness in the country and the staff is committed (Ngum-Saidy/Janneh, Daily Observer / AllAfrica.Health Canada having consulted widely through the years of development of these rules. Which regulatory change formally orient in Canada on surface coatings with which United States. In addition, regulation of these products, visit: a level playing field national and imported surface coatings in Canada. The new regulations in force on 19 April 2005.

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