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Women’s Health Policy Report Summarizes Editorials on Nonprescription sales of Plan B Abby Wisse Schachter, New York Post – – Opinion Pieces : keep Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton clearly confirm von Eschenbach permanently head FDA is is all about, Post columnist Wisse Schachter wrote in a commentary. The senator has a point: The FDA scientists went through the normal process and found Plan B safe for nonprescription sales by Wisse Schachter here . But there are problems with the approval of drug for non-prescription sales, partly because Plan B is a double dose of regular birth control,[ and] women over 18 could be the pill to get without a prescription – or a doctor’s warnings about side effects, she writes. It could not B, scientific reasons to sell without a prescription to prevent plan, but that that the sale that the sale in every Rite-Aid and CVS is serious, even disturbing implications, Wisse Schachter adds (Wisse Schachter, New York Post.

The initiative will continue treated for the implementation of integrated campaigns in which health workers provide not only measles vaccines, but also other interventions such as insecticide mosquito nets for malaria prevention, vitamin A, de-worming medication and polio vaccines. Of Latter Day Saints 2001, the Measles Initiative has mobilized more than $ 200 million and supported more than 40 African countries and three Asian countries to implement high-quality measles vaccination campaigns. As a result these campaigns, as well as improvements in routine immunization activities, global measles deaths have declined by 48 % from 871,000 in 1999 to an estimated 454,000 in 2004. The greatest reduction occurred in Africa, the region with the highest burden of disease, where estimated measles cases and deaths 60 % 60 %.

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The government has recently announced that a much-needed 11 per cent increase in funds for the NHS dentistry and set itself the goal of to increase the number patients able to access the service. Over 20 these funds make a real difference, it is essential that primary care trusts fit with dentists and also be competent and the necessary assistance to suit the dental needs of their local communes – notes.