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These cells are located in tissues and blood that are in contact with the environment, such as epidermis and the linings of the nose and lungs. If they encounter respiratory infections such as flu, dendritic cells normally produce proteins that help your body mobilize the disease fighting capability and conquer the viral infection. When the dendritic cells initial encounter an allergic stimulus, however, they are impaired in their ability to produce such antiviral proteins significantly.He reiterated this caution throughout a subsequent airing of the Nuclear Hotseat show, emphasizing that both soil and groundwater are threatened by these radioactive plumes, which will continue steadily to cause problems for many decades. ‘We are not at the peak,’ he stated, noting that two radioactive plumes are currently traveling up and down the West Coast, one near Canada and the additional near Oregon and California. ‘It’s still coming, and it shall continue to come provided that Fukushima continues to bleed into the Pacific.’ Mysterious animal deaths continue as governments deny Fukushima link Several months ahead of this latest ocean lion discovery, at least 200 other sea lions were found dead even more north in the Piura region of Peru. Several dead ocean and dolphins turtles, as well as dozens of pelicans, had been strewn among the mysterious marine wreckage also, which also went unexplained by authorities.