Reports of human cases occur only very sporadically.

This shows that countries with the H5N1 threat seriously. You are better prepared today and have their response systems, or Nigeriah a news conference a news conference in Rome of the Technical Meeting on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza and Human H5N1 Infection. There are some serious concerns with the global disease situation particularly with respect to Egypt, Indonesia and Nigeria, even if bird flu has disappeared from our TV screens, it does not mean the danger is over influenza influenza is not single event one-time event, the international community for for several years, he added.. Reports of human cases occur only very sporadically, apart from Egypt and Indonesia to the progressive control of H5N1 in poultry.

Socially and economically socially and economically equitable adjustment of poultry production and marketing systems for secure delivery of products is important to decrease the risk of infection, without forgetting that remain efficient veterinary services and improved public-private partnership for better surveillance and control activities indispensable, said Domenech.

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