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Short-term memory traces in the hippocampus.

'Earlier studies only coupled these oscillation types in pairs', Bonnefond explains. 'But now, we see that SOs, spindles and ripples are functionally coupled in the hippocampus. And we hypothesize that they offer fine-tuned temporal frames for the transfer of memory space traces to the neocortex.' Epilepsy The group of researchers investigated the process in human epilepsy individuals during natural sleep. Doctors were searching for the brain areas in charge of their epilepsy, and the existing research was done simultaneously: with unique electrodes, the researchers recorded oscillations in the brain.NFL Week 12 Highlights All of the football action from Week 12 of the 2012 NFL season Morse said he’s not really surprised that Adderall is becoming especially prevalent among defensive backs. You need to maintain different degrees of interest in the secondary, you have to view the quarterback and the wide receiver you are guarding, he said. Although the league does not disclose positive drug test tallies for particular substances, Adolpho Birch, the NFL senior vice president of law and labor, did acknowledge on Wednesday that there has been a rise in amphetamine usage. It’s not a secret that it is a societal development, Birch stated. We are beginning to see some ramifications of that within our league. It’s noteworthy that Adderall, which has been on the NFL’s set of banned substances since 2006, is only now making headlines provided the league’s stringent drug-testing plans.