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Sold by Roche beneath the brand name Accutane.

90 percent of dermatologists report having troubles with Isotretinoin drug registry The online FDA tracking database iPledge – – with which everyone taking the acne drug isotretinoin, sold by Roche beneath the brand name Accutane, need to register to get their prescriptions – – has caused problems for about 90 percent of dermatologists, according to a survey commissioned by the American Academy of Dermatology and released Mon, the AP/Sacramento Bee reports . Research show that isotretinoin can cause severe side effects in women that are pregnant, such as birth defects and fetal death, and might cause depression and suicide also http://www.sildenafil-100mg.org/faq .

The national government says Fata, who owns Michigan Hematology Oncology, ripped off Medicare by giving chemotherapy to patients who didn’t need it and diagnosing malignancy when it wasn’t obvious. Prosecutors are still searching for victims in the case, according to CBS Detroit affiliate WWJ. Sufferers of Fata who’ve questions concerning their medical information or information relating to the investigation are urged to contact the U.S. Attorney’s Office Information Range at 888-702-0553.. $9M bond for doc accused of misdiagnosing cancer DETROIT A federal judge has ordered a $9 million bond regarding a Detroit-area cancer professional who is accused of intentionally misdiagnosing patients.