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The $126 million was a number provided by state AIDS director as the amount of additional federal funding necessary to meet current system needs given the amount of people on waiting lists, expected number of fresh budget and patients cuts per state. Added Weinstein: ‘While HHS has pledged $25 million in additional funding for ADAP, it is our hope that the Obama administration and Congress will do their part and put in the rest of the $101 million to solve this urgent crisis.’ Source AIDS Healthcare Base ..Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for 67 percent of people living with HIV in the world and 75 percent of all Helps deaths, regarding to UNAIDS, the editorial states. It adds that [h]eterosexual intercourse is the ‘driving force’ of the epidemic. The editorial continues that the pope’s remarks were specifically discordant to us arriving a day after a written report about HIV/Helps prevalence in Washington, D.C. The editorial notes that the startling report showed that 3 percent of D.C. Residents are living with HIV/AIDS and that UNAIDS and CDC define a severe epidemic in a specific area as contamination in at least 1 percent of the population.