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The brochure was to study under over 65 years, of the behavior and attitudes on behalf of Lundbeck that nearly 60 percent of respondents believe that people in their age group would are reluctant about discuss depression to other shows performed developed. A quarter of respondents said they believed that depression is a state of mind , not a disease that could indicate a lack of understanding of depression, which many elderly people diagnosed with depression or not receiving the help they need viagradanmark.org .

* The research cited a consolidated analysis of five years of the date on information from a survey of the adult population, by Behaviour & Attitudes is performed for Lundbeck fieldwork 2005 to 2009 among a nationally representative, quota controlled sample of. 892 adults aged 65+. The sample reflects the national population structure, based on the census in relation to sex, face-to – region of residence, and fits industry agreed standards in the field of social class. Interviewing was conducted face-to – face in-home, and interviewers were strictly monitored and controlled. Survey design, fieldwork and analysis meet the strict quality standards dictated by Behaviour & Attitudes membership ESOMAR and the Market Research Society .

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