The cells in our body are numerous factors that can cause damage to the genetic material exposed.

If such a mutation located on a so-called oncogene a cell a cell stimulated, and a benign tumor may occur. So far, the research group of Dr. Peeper were that this does not necessarily lead to the creation of a malignant tumor. They discovered that benign tumors can activate a permanent growth arrest, a hibernation a hibernation – like state force. This hibernation represents a natural barrier against cancer.. The cells in our body are numerous factors that can cause damage to the genetic material exposed. Typically, these errors are corrected. Sometimes, however, a change in the DNA is incorporated.

Bounded in the present follow-up study, Thomas Kuilman, graduate student in Dr. Peeper research laboratory, the mechanism behind this hibernation in benign tumors. He compared the activity of thousands of genes in dividing and quiescent tumor cells and discovered a specific DNA fingerprint. Unexpectedly, this showed that the non-dividing tumor cells, dozens of genes that normally play a role in inflammatory reactions of the body, are activated.

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