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The focus on on the mark , in order to destroy it. ARIUS’ patent strategy has successfully captured the discovery process, the antibody medication molecules and now the spot on the target that’s crucial to causing the tumor cell’s destruction. Patent 7,186,808 covers another antibody within this scheduled program that kills breast and prostate cancer cells. The patent also addresses the usage of the antibody as cure for breast cancer. ARIUS has over 120 patents pending that will continue to enhance the value of the business. This patent provides extra commercial and scientific validation to our drug discovery platform, said Dr. David Adolescent, CEO and President of ARIUS.For further information, please visit.

Usage of potentially life-extending cancer medications varies worldwide Access to potentially life-extending cancer medications varies significantly in different parts of the world, two new studies also show in the ESMO 2014 Congress in Madrid, Spain. Researchers say the results demonstrate the necessity for better collaboration between doctors and health authorities on a global scale, to ensure patients get access to the best treatments. Coordinated action is needed at a global level to ensure new cancer-fighting drugs are approved regularly, oncologists said at the Congress.