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The Commonwealth Fund is a private foundation in 1918.

The Commonwealth Fund is a private foundation in 1918. Begun offering performs surveys, information and assistance and support improvements in health care.

Among those interviewed representatives of science, research, health care, business, insurance, other health sectors, government agencies and interest groups No elected officials and media representatives were raised were.

* More than half of the women drank alcohol during pregnancy despite the recommendation at the time of the study of abstinence. It is interesting to note that the number of women who, alcohol during the second trimester percent) consumed similar to the number in the first trimester was, said Colvin.Tachycardia. Research provides possible cure of arrhythmia isO U.S. Clinical degree be in their infancy, if successful, might lead order a non-surgical ‘cure’for the most frequent form of cardiac arrhythmias. The study evaluates a novel type of cryogen the catheter through the National Institute for Standards and Technology is co – developing.

Jun. The company announced Food and Drug Administration approval for clinical trials to ensure the safety of the system and efficacy in treatment of AF, an irregular heart rhythm which about 2.3 million Americans are and increases risk of strokes and death review affects. Clinical studies are already underway flutter atrial fibrillation and tachycardia. Within the heart, the catheter reach temperatures lower than minus 80 degrees Celsius .. CryoCor is a spin-off cryogen Inc. Of San Diego, California, which originally were working having NIST researcher developing by an cooperative research and development agreement, the ultra cold A catheter. Cryogen has some of the same technology are used for developing a way to treat abnormal uterine bleeding.