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Ann Van Den Bogaert and her colleagues from the research group of Jurgen Del – Favero have also been looking into the role of TPH2 in the development of depression and manic depression. They have a genetic study in which they performed against the change of the TPH2 gene between patients with depression and healthy individuals. The DNA of two random individuals are 99.9 percent identical – the 0, which is different from the genetic variation can assume the interference.

Depression and manic depressionDepression is one of the most common disorders in the western world, and according to the World Health Organization, there will No. 1 No. 1 disease in 2020. Ten to 15 % of the population – from all levels of society – experience depression during their lifetime, and about 5 percent have to struggle with manic depression. Scientists agree the high socio-economic costs and mortality are the causes of these mental disorders is not known. However, scientists agree that the origin be traced to be attributed to a combination of hereditary and environmental factors such as stress.

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