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The theme of this years World Alzheimers Day time is Diagnosing Dementia: See It Sooner.

35 million people all over the world affected by Alzheimer’s disease: Nancy Pelosi Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the next statement today in recognition of World Alzheimer’s Day time. The theme of this year’s World Alzheimer’s Day time is ‘Diagnosing Dementia: See It Sooner.’ ‘Alzheimer’s disease is certainly a scourge afflicting People in america in every condition and community http://vardenafilo.org/qu%C3%A9-es-el-addyi-conoce-datos-importantes-acerca-de-este-medicamento.html . According to a new report, it affects 35 million people all over the world – – and that number is expected to nearly dual in 20 years, to more than 65 million in 2030.

Additionally, 88 antibiotics and 96 antivirals are in development. Remedies for HIV infection aren’t included in the most recent report, but a 2009 survey identified 97 vaccines and medicines in testing for HIV/AIDS. Of the 395 medications and vaccines in today’s report, 24 are on a ‘fast track’ – – an activity designed to facilitate the development and expedite the overview of drugs to treat serious diseases and fill a critical, unmet medical need. The status is assigned by the FDA. ‘Fast track’ medicines in development include those for hepatitis C, severe pneumonia and sepsis.