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Michael Weinstein, president of the Helps Healthcare Basis, ‘denounced the approval’ and expressed concern over the prospect of the development of drug-resistant HIV strains among people who are unknowingly HIV-positive, as well as the potential loss of protection among HIV-negative people who do not consider the medication daily as recommended, the Washington Post reports. The newspaper adds that Jen Kates, vice president and director of global health insurance and HIV plan at the Kaiser Family members Foundation, said, ‘Medication adherence is really key here’ .Haagenson, M.S., Mary M. Horowitz, M.D., Stephen R. Spellman, M.B.S., Tao Wang, Ph.D., and Philip Stevenson, M.S.: High HLA-DP Expression and Graft-versus-Host Disease Hematopoietic-cell transplantation from unrelated donors can cure blood disorders; nevertheless, graft-versus-web host disease remains a significant impediment to successful outcomes.8,9 The importance of HLA class II alloantigens was established early in the annals of clinical transplantation.10 Developments in understanding the biologic relevance of HLA-DP were hampered by the necessity for an in vitro cellular assay to assess HLA-DP incompatibility and by the entire lower cell-surface expression of HLA-DP in accordance with other classical HLAs.11,12 The introduction of polymerase-chain-reaction assays in the past due 1980s ushered in a fresh period of HLA typing.16 HLA expression plays a significant role in human disease.S.