This was the key getting of the AMAs 2010 National Wellness Insurer Report Cards.

The AMA estimates that $777.6 million in unnecessary administrative costs could be saved if medical insurance market improves claims processing accuracy by one %. Increasing the health insurance industry’s accuracy rating to completely would conserve to $15.5 billion annually that could be better used to enhance patient care and help reduce overall health care costs. ‘Each insurer uses different guidelines for processing and paying medical promises, which cause complexity, waste and confusion,’ stated Dr. Nielsen. ‘Simplifying the administrative procedure with standardized requirements will reduce unnecessary costs in the health system and get rid of the variability that means it is necessary for doctors to maintain costly claims management systems for every health insurer.’ Currently, medical care system spends just as much as $210 billion annually on statements processing.Berger, M.D.: Multitarget Stool DNA Testing for Colorectal-Cancer Screening Colorectal cancer is a major cause of loss of life and disease among women and men in the usa.1 The underlying neoplastic processes of colorectal carcinogenesis lend themselves to screening.2 Evidence supports and recommendations endorse several assessments and strategies,3-5 and screening for colorectal cancers has been found to be cost-effective.5-7 Despite the supporting evidence, suggestions, and availability of several screening tests, a substantial proportion of the U.S.