Totaling $ 24 million for new scientists in stem cell research http://tadalafilprix.com/contactez-nous.

The organization 30 Scientific Excellence through Exploration and development funding grants this month, totaling $ 24 million for new scientists in stem cell research. Directed a second round of 25 Comprehensive Research Grants to established stem cell lines scientist, announced in March. The 25 grants will be worth about $ 80 million over four years http://tadalafilprix.com/contactez-nous . Total of 29 applications for preview as part of two rounds of grants.

‘We are very pleased for award these grants CIRM to USC momentum in stem cell research,’says Martin Pera, director of the USC Center for Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine and professor of cell and neurobiology at the Keck School of Medicine. ‘The development of our proposals for new collaborative interactions between researchers USC, including Keck School of Medicine and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and led regional institutions such as Caltech. We have created work potential for new interdisciplinary teams, the use of the strengths of the individual institutions. ‘.

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