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Which remains one of the worst places to become a mother.

Within an accompanying video, the news service reports, One in five children born in Afghanistan dies by age five, and the statistics for mothers aren’t great either. According to Al Jazeera, That’s because most Afghan women give birth at home, and the twenty five % of moms who do have health care have to overcome substantial obstacles just to access it, including cultural barriers, severe terrain, long distances, security problems and the cost of transportation .The Nobel awards in physics, chemistry, literature and peace will be announced this week later. The economics prize will be announced next Monday. The winners of every category split the prize money of 8 million Swedish kronor . Each winner receives a diploma and a gold medal also. Created by Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prizes had been initial awarded in 1901. The winners always collect their awards on Dec. 10, the anniversary of Nobel’s death in 1896. Last year’s medicine award went to researchers who discovered how chemicals are transported within cells, a process involved with such important activities as brain cell conversation and the launch of insulin..