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India’s Elephant Crisis

as broken deliberately 15 years ago to subdue him and has not moved from his spot in 20 years. We move on. A 15-year-old elephant is with his mahout in a fetid pool of shallow water. The mahout has been trying for 30 minutes to get the animal to lie down, but the chains are too tight. The mahout becomes angry, humiliated. ‘He will be taught later.’ This means a beating with iron bars.” rats-mice-0251-570x321

Is Rat Vivisection Justified?

“Last week I started telling you about the terrible torture that rats undergo in laboratories. Stuffed into metal cages and drawers in dark “animal rooms”, they are taken out into the light only to be tormented. All of it is kept secret with the excuse that they are torturing these little creatures in order to help humans. This makes it difficult for someone to protest…” sanjay-gubbi-570x321

Meet the Tiger Man

“As humans, we move from one place to another. When one area is full, a new colony or society is created, and we shift there. Then to the new city and so on. When new animals are born, they have to move out to other areas. We need this kind of concept for them too. Tigers too need better and newer habitats, especially when the area of protected land is rapidly declining.”

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Animal rights campaigners allege elephant torture at Thrissur Pooram festival
Animal rights campaigners alleged that the Animal Welfare Board of India experts had been blocked from examining the jumbos, paraded at the famous Thrissur Pooram festival which began on Sunday, … dog-cull-570x321
Activists welcome SC order prohibiting culling of strays
Animal rights groups across the country are elated at the latest Supreme Court direction that indiscriminate killing of stray dogs has to end. N G Jayasimha of Humane Society International-India … wildlife-sos-570x321
Fresh photo evidence of Kerala’s cruel dog killings
City based animal activists have joined hands with animal lovers from other parts of the country to meticulously collate fresh photo and video evidence of a latest killing of 40 … dead-dogs-570x321
  • Vocabulary at 2 CAN HELP Predict Kindergarten Success: TUESDAY.

    The analysis of data from a lot more than 8,600 children in the usa showed that 2-year-olds with larger speaking vocabularies did better academically and had fewer behavioral problems when they later entered kindergarten. Kids with larger vocabularies at age 2 tended to be from higher-income families, ladies, and those who had higher-quality parenting, the scholarly study found. Kids who had an extremely low birth weight or whose moms had health problems had smaller speaking vocabularies. The analysis was published Aug. 18 in the journal Child Development. ‘Our results provide compelling proof for oral vocabulary’s theorized importance since a multifaceted contributor to children’s early development,’ study head Paul Morgan, an associate professor of education in Pennsylvania State University, said in a journal information release. (more…)

  • A developer of innovative medications for serious central anxious system diseases.

    Approximately 2 percent of ALS diagnoses are connected with a mutation in the superoxide dismutase gene. In ALS mutant SOD1 animal models, zinc supplementation offers been proven to delay loss of life.Genetic mutations affecting the ability of a protein referred to as copper/zinc superoxide dismutase to properly bind zinc are associated with the familial type of ALS, which shares many of the same features as the more frequent sporadic type of ALS.Zinc is an important modifier of glutamate toxicity, a neurotransmitter associated with cell loss of life in ALS sufferers.Related StoriesStudy shows guarantee for developing targeted treatments for multiple sclerosisStudy shows how dietary essential fatty acids affect advancement and progression of multiple sclerosisAdvances in whole mount brain imaging: an interview with Patrick Myles, President, Huron Digital Pathology’Our goal in the PNA Middle for Neurological Research is definitely to improve the standard of life of individuals with neurological diseases, such as ALS. (more…)

  • Assisted living facilities.

    5. Treatment is not provided by a Licensed Professional Your physical therapy treatment should always get by a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant . Many clinics have other employees like physical therapy aides, athletic trainers, or rehabilitation technicians who help physical therapists manage sufferers and workflow. Your care should not be provided only by these people. Physical therapists and PTA’s who are certified by the state in which they work can provide you care. In case you are uncertain of the credentials of the individual providing your care, just ask. (more…)

  • ACS releases limited-edition publication on improving surgical health care Today.

    We are in need of them within the solution because they’re American health care.’ Lessons Learned From all of the presentations at the 11 regional discussion boards, six overarching lessons stood out as keys to continuous quality improvement: 1. Quality improvement may be the future of medication. Cost decrease through higher-quality care, higher emphasis on evidence-based medication, and reducing variation in how care is provided are all crucial to providing Us citizens with high-quality, affordable care. Related StoriesACC's public reporting program provides information regarding hospitals' performanceStudy: Post medical center syndrome is certainly significant risk element for individuals undergoing elective surgeryChildren's Memorial Hermann Medical center offers Halloween safety tips 2. (more…)


    PRESS RELEASE NORTH CHICAGO, Ill.andSUNNYVALE, Calif fda website .,March 4, 2015/PRNewswire/ –AbbVie and Pharmacyclics today announced a definitive contract under which AbbVie will acquire Pharmacyclics, and its flagship asset Imbruvica® , a highly effective treatment for hematologic malignancies. The acquisition accelerates AbbVie's clinical and commercial presence in oncology, strengthening its robust pipeline already, and establishing its strong leadership placement in hematological oncology – an attractive and quickly growing market, now approaching$24billionglobally. The acquisition increases AbbVie's in depth pipeline and solid growth prospects already. (more…)

  • Allegro completes $5.

    When utilized alongside standard bronchoscopy techniques, BronchoGen is intended to provide additional critical diagnostic info much previously in the diagnostic process.’ ‘Allegro can be leading a new paradigm for lung tumor administration by introducing the potential for early detection, and we believe that this process has great promise both clinically and commercially,’ said Andrey Zarur, Handling Partner at Kodiak Venture Companions. ‘Lung cancer may be the leading cancer killer, and, unfortunately, 70 percent of patients aren’t diagnosed until they possess progressed to late-stage disease. BronchoGen is designed to support earlier medical diagnosis, which may reduce mortality and healthcare costs potentially.’.. (more…)

  • Referred to as the sociable determinants of health.

    AAHC develops online toolkit to handle non-medical conditions that impact health and well-being The Association of Academic Wellness Centers has developed, an online toolkit of best practices and assets for academic wellness centers and their community partners to make use of in addressing the wide range of nonmedical issues that impact health and well-being. Referred to as the ‘sociable determinants of health,’ included in these are all of the factors that influence wellness where one lives, learns, works, and has. Through these attempts, AAHC plans to translate specific institutional successes and best practices into a nationwide work. ‘The toolkit is made to encourage academic wellness centers to take advantage of their unique position and broaden their traditional focus on medicine to address health where it starts: in people's homes, academic institutions, and communities. (more…)

  • That may partner Hispanic media.

    Sufferers from racial and ethnic minority communities, who bear a disproportionate share of our nation’s health issues, spent almost $230 billion in excess medical care costs. Among the least likely demographic organizations to have insurance, Hispanics may be likely to have high expectations for the existing reform efforts. In the two dozen congressional districts with a Hispanic majority almost, the number of people with medical health insurance is 16 %age factors below the national normal, relating to a evaluation. (more…)

  • In a report published online today in the international journal Addiction.

    This represents about 3.4 alcohol brand appearances per song-hour. Given that the common adolescent is subjected to about 2.5 hours of popular music each day, young people’s annual contact with alcohol brand references in popular music is substantial. The consequences that these songs connected with alcohol were more regularly positive than negative . Alcoholic beverages brand appearances were commonly associated with wealth , sex , luxury objects , partying , other drugs , and vehicles . The investigators remember that frequent exposure of young people to brand-name references in popular music may constitute a kind of advertising and could donate to the early initiation and maintenance of chemical make use of among adolescents. (more…)

  • December 1 and certain many of the MC5057 Universal Cable manufactured prior to.

    A voluntary recall system announced by CONMED Linvatec CONMED Corporation’s CONMED Linvatec unit announced today a voluntary recall for several model numbers of the PRO5 & PRO6 series electric battery handpieces manufactured ahead of May 31, 2008, december 1 and certain many of the MC5057 Universal Cable manufactured prior to, 2006 used with particular of CONMED Linvatec’s electric handpieces. July 31 CONMED Linvatec issued Medical Gadget Basic safety Alert letters to customers dated, 2009 providing info on findings from the Company’s ongoing continuous quality improvement process ed help . (more…)

  • Greatest assigns issuer credit ratings to VBHS and its core facilities A.

    VBHS operates in an unfavorable service region, providing healthcare services for a big indigent people. A.M. Best does recognize, however, that despite these economic challenges, VBHS was able to generate a modest operating return to support the future healthcare needs of the community. In 2009 2009, the health program reported fluctuating underwriting results, including a sizeable reduction through the third quarter. (more…)

  • 7Up with antioxidants to be discontinued by 2013 Fans of 7Up with antioxidants may want to fill up.

    The agency acquired objected to the product’s labeling, which explained the drink as ‘Diet Coke with Minerals and vitamins.’ The FDA said at the time that it’s inappropriate to include extra nutrients to ‘snack foods such as carbonated beverages.’ A Coca-Cola representative stated the drink was removed the market this year 2010 because it wasn’t performing well. In 2009 2009 the CSPI also sued Coca-Cola for what it said were deceptive promises about its Vitaminwater. (more…)

  • This was the key getting of the AMAs 2010 National Wellness Insurer Report Cards.

    The AMA estimates that $777.6 million in unnecessary administrative costs could be saved if medical insurance market improves claims processing accuracy by one %. Increasing the health insurance industry’s accuracy rating to completely would conserve to $15.5 billion annually that could be better used to enhance patient care and help reduce overall health care costs. ‘Each insurer uses different guidelines for processing and paying medical promises, which cause complexity, waste and confusion,’ stated Dr. Nielsen. ‘Simplifying the administrative procedure with standardized requirements will reduce unnecessary costs in the health system and get rid of the variability that means it is necessary for doctors to maintain costly claims management systems for every health insurer.’ Currently, medical care system spends just as much as $210 billion annually on statements processing. (more…)

  • 000 in Iraq and 1.

    20 percent of returning war veterans report PTSD or main depression Earlier this Memorial Day honored those Americans who have died in military service including over 4,000 in Iraq and 1,000 fallen soldiers in Afghanistan. Post-traumatic stress disorder can form after a terrifying or life-threatening event, or a series of events causing extreme levels of stress. He has done what so many of the specialists have stated couldn’t be achieved, finding an all natural, drug-free way to overcome Bipolar disorder and prevent the pain suffered daily by millions male extra . (more…)

  • ADMEcell enters into manufacturing and distribution agreement with Advancell ADMEcell.

    Advancell has three different analysis centers in Spain. And.. ADMEcell enters into manufacturing and distribution agreement with Advancell ADMEcell, announced that it has entered into a special contract with Advancell, Barcelona, Spain, to manufacture and distribute the CacoReady Program for the North American market. The CacoReady Program is a new, innovative tool made to optimize the time and costs of analyzing the intestinal absorption of substances. (more…)

  • Predicated on its initial.

    This Advanced Payment Initiative helps to identify the problem of limited obtainable capital for small and medium sized physician groups attempting to organize an ACO. Anti-trust barriers: In addition, the administration has offered needed guidance from the Department of Justice and Federal government Trade Commission relating to ACO participation within the CMS Shared Keeping Applications. CMS and the HHS Office of the Inspector General also released an Interim Last Rule that waives provisions of the Physician Self-Referral Regulation, the Federal government anti-kickback statute, the Civil Monetary Penalty regulation prohibiting hospital payments to physicians to reduce or limit providers , and the CMP regulation prohibiting inducements to beneficiaries to ACO’s approved under the Medicare Shared Cost savings ACO program. (more…)

  • They get baffled especially when they try to get a surgery at an inexpensive cost.

    But this should also be considered that there are ample happy patients who are extremely content with the outcome of their transplantation medical procedures and in most of these situations what actually make a big change is the selection of the locks restoration clinic and cosmetic surgeon. Although it is justly said that selecting a clinic with prominent popularity and a doctor who has encounter in the domain for a lot more than decades is one of the optimally considerations to do; at the same time it does not provide any 100 per cent assurance of a medical procedures to any individual; but yes, the chances of risk and complications are reduced considerably. (more…)