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India’s Elephant Crisis

as broken deliberately 15 years ago to subdue him and has not moved from his spot in 20 years. We move on. A 15-year-old elephant is with his mahout in a fetid pool of shallow water. The mahout has been trying for 30 minutes to get the animal to lie down, but the chains are too tight. The mahout becomes angry, humiliated. ‘He will be taught later.’ This means a beating with iron bars.” rats-mice-0251-570x321

Is Rat Vivisection Justified?

“Last week I started telling you about the terrible torture that rats undergo in laboratories. Stuffed into metal cages and drawers in dark “animal rooms”, they are taken out into the light only to be tormented. All of it is kept secret with the excuse that they are torturing these little creatures in order to help humans. This makes it difficult for someone to protest…” sanjay-gubbi-570x321

Meet the Tiger Man

“As humans, we move from one place to another. When one area is full, a new colony or society is created, and we shift there. Then to the new city and so on. When new animals are born, they have to move out to other areas. We need this kind of concept for them too. Tigers too need better and newer habitats, especially when the area of protected land is rapidly declining.”

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Animal rights campaigners allege elephant torture at Thrissur Pooram festival
Animal rights campaigners alleged that the Animal Welfare Board of India experts had been blocked from examining the jumbos, paraded at the famous Thrissur Pooram festival which began on Sunday, … dog-cull-570x321
Activists welcome SC order prohibiting culling of strays
Animal rights groups across the country are elated at the latest Supreme Court direction that indiscriminate killing of stray dogs has to end. N G Jayasimha of Humane Society International-India … wildlife-sos-570x321
Fresh photo evidence of Kerala’s cruel dog killings
City based animal activists have joined hands with animal lovers from other parts of the country to meticulously collate fresh photo and video evidence of a latest killing of 40 … dead-dogs-570x321
  • Red blood cells and the vasculature.

    Acceleron Pharma commences Phase 2 clinical trial of ACE-031 protein therapeutic in DMD patients Acceleron Pharma, Inc., a biopharmaceutical organization developing novel therapeutics that modulate the growth of cells and cells including muscle tissue, bone, fat, red blood cells and the vasculature, today announced the initiation of a Phase 2 scientific trial with ACE-031 in patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy , a fatal neuromuscular disease. (more…)

  • Life coaching as such is certainly a big industry with executives today.

    People due to diverse factors such as climbing the profession ladder faster, to experience more fulfilled at the job, improving human relationships with their companions and friends, to understand parenting skills, to gain a spiritual meaning to life are hiring the ongoing services of life coaches. The profession of existence coaching is becoming widely acknowledged and embraced because people are realizing the potency of this kind of coaching. However, much like any other kind of growing job, there are some myths that hide the truth about this coaching. A few of these myths are described in brief that could help in demystifying the life span coaching aspects. 1. Life coaches are experts who assist in attaining goals: This statement, though is true somewhat even. (more…)

  • Emmanuel Futier.

    Emmanuel Futier, M.D where can i get cialis over the counter ., Jean-Michel Constantin, M.D., Ph.D., Catherine Paugam-Burtz, M.D., Ph.D., Julien Pascal, M.D., Mathilde Eurin, M.D., Arthur Neuschwander, M.D., Emmanuel Marret, M.D., Marc Beaussier, M.D., Ph.D., Christophe Gutton, M.D., Jean-Yves Lefrant, M.D., Ph.D., Bernard Allaouchiche, M.D., Ph.D., Daniel Verzilli, M.D., Marc Leone, M.D., Ph.D., Audrey De Jong, M.D., Jean-Etienne Bazin, M.D., Ph.D., Bruno Pereira, Ph.D., and Samir Jaber, M.D., Ph.D. For the IMPROVE Research Group: A Trial of Intraoperative Low-Tidal-Volume Ventilation in Abdominal Surgery Worldwide, a lot more than 230 million patients undergoing major surgery every year require general anesthesia and mechanical ventilation. (more…)

  • ACRO releases statement on World Heart Day The Association of Clinical Research Businesses.

    According to the Globe Heart Association, 17.1 million people die each year from cardiovascular disease, 80 % of whom are in developing countries. These sobering numbers highlight the need for not merely conducting further study into cardiovascular disease but also ensuring this research is completed globally. .. ACRO releases statement on World Heart Day The Association of Clinical Research Businesses , which represents the global leaders in clinical outsourcing, today released the following statement in recognition of Globe Heart Day. Last year, ACRO member companies conducted nearly 600 clinical trials of new drugs and treatments for coronary disease involving 230, 000 patients all over the world, said Doug Peddicord, PhD, Executive Director. (more…)

  • Tomatoes Make Up Almost all Americans Veggie Intake: THURSDAY.

    Potatoes, Tomatoes Make Up Almost all Americans’ Veggie Intake: – THURSDAY, Sept. 24, 2015 – – When Mother told you to consume your vegetables, she probably didn’t mean eat the same two vegetables – – potatoes and tomatoes – – more often than not. But according to a fresh government report, that’s exactly what many Us citizens are doing dysfonction érectile . The report, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, finds that potatoes now constitute 30 % of the vegetables grown and processed for Us citizens each year, while tomatoes constitute 22 %. Toss in lettuce , and these three vegetables comprise 59 % of the vegetables grown for and distributed to People in america, according to 2013 USDA data. (more…)

  • 3 Tips To Perform Dance Aerobics When it comes to aerobics class.

    Aerobic dancing was originally meant for women though right now men find enjoyment in performing aerobic dance. It may seem that aerobic dancing is for the young or for fit people, but it’s designed for everyone who desires to get into better shape. Dance aerobics classes help to make the physical body firmer and leaner, strengthen the heart as well as muscles, lowers blood pressure, reduces fat burning period, causes an appreciable reducing in stress amounts and boosts cardiovascular fitness. Most of these benefits make the student more energetic and significantly helps them to form a better self-image in addition to improve self-esteem. In a dance aerobics course, you dance to your preferred music. The instructor will teach you the moves you have to not only lose excess weight but also to become a better dancer. (more…)

  • Paolo Prandoni.

    The study was placebo-controlled, since no regular treatment has been established in this clinical placing.7,9 This design was considered to be ethical, since all of the patients benefited from close medical monitoring, with adequate diagnostic procedures performed in case of persistent or new symptoms, and since an unbiased data and security monitoring committee oversaw the analysis outcomes carefully. The patients in our research are representative of these encountered in program practice1,2,8: virtually all were outpatients, and there is a very clear predominance of women and a considerable proportion of obese individuals, most presenting with varicose veins and superficial-vein thrombosis involving the great saphenous vein. (more…)

  • Drosophila melanogaster.

    Subsequently, the cells migrated until they met and signalled the mark cell jointly. Marc Furriols, lead author of the scholarly study, explains that the torso-like gene activates a membrane receptor molecule that’s specific to Drosophila, but that the molecule belongs to a receptor family members , which reacts when it receives an exterior signal also. It gives us great insight into how these mechanisms work so that we are able to later manipulate and control them. (more…)

  • Mammography screening must start frequently afterwards and occur less.

    The study was conducted in response to recent authorities funding cutbacks. This was not a clinical recommendation, but rather was designed to help a public health program use its assets to the best effectiveness, said lead writer Joy Melnikow, director of the UC Davis Middle for Healthcare Policy and Research. EWC, administered through the California Division of Public Health Malignancy Detection Section, is one of the largest of 68 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-funded programs over the national country. It reimburses companies at Medi-Cal rates for screening and diagnostic services for breast and cervical cancers. It offers services to females who are not eligible for Medi-Cal, who absence coverage for breast and cervical cancers screening otherwise, and whose income can be less than 200 % of the federal government poverty threshold. (more…)

  • Relating to a scholarly study in the May problem of the Journal of Studies on Drugs and alcohol.

    But it's also possible that using both medications together impairs teenagers' driving-and judgment-to a larger degree. Terry-McElrath said it's vital that you make kids-and the general public, in general-aware of the dangers of simultaneous drug make use of. Driver's education needs to chat more about the risks, in believable ways-not using inaccurate scare strategies, she said. Even more broadly, she added, media messages about unsafe driving is going beyond alcohol. We often hear the message 'Don't drive and drink,' Terry-McElrath observed. But we don't hear much about the dangers of using additional substances, either by itself or with alcohol simultaneously. .. Alcohol and drugs put teens in increased risk for unsafe traveling Teenagers who drink smoke and alcohol marijuana may be at increased risk for unsafe traveling, relating to a scholarly study in the May problem of the Journal of Studies on Drugs and alcohol. (more…)

  • 5M research funding aims to extend imaging techniques.

    5M research funding aims to extend imaging techniques, reduce animal use in preclinical research Five grants co-funded with the EPSRC try to reduce animal use in preclinical research .5m of research funding has been awarded to develop advanced imaging systems, to maximise their potential to lessen animal make use of in a diverse selection of preclinical analysis applications. (more…)

  • A leading provider of &39.

    Many have been validated in its sector leading portfolio of rigorous, peer-reviewed, published clinical studies. These document improvements in HbA1c levels among individuals with diabetes by 1.8 points; improvements in blood pressure levels for patients with hypertension by 11/6 mmHg; reductions in all-cause hospital readmissions by 20 %; and reductions in costs of look after patients with heart failing by $2,592 per patient per year, delivering a program ROI of 3.3 to 1 1. AMC Health's Remote Individual Monitoring and Engagement Solutions have also earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association. As telehealth-based solutions accelerate the transformation of chronic population and care health management, URAC has identified the need to establish national criteria and effective quality steps for these ongoing solutions. (more…)

  • A Cancer Survivor Tale: Forgiving Yourself When I design tumor/illness-healing strategies.

    The essence of this embodied in this little prayer: God, I provide over to you all these feeling of guilt and I require you consider them for me right now, I am ready for you yourself to receive them. MANY THANKS. Amen. Like great soldier I tried this prayer immediately and it had been like a huge selection of pounds lifted off of me. And it wasn’t only guilt that I provided to God but resentment and anger and several other feelings. (more…)

  • Olivia Pagani.

    Among patients who received chemotherapy, exemestane plus ovarian suppression, as compared with tamoxifen plus ovarian suppression, improved the proportion of sufferers without breast cancer at 5 years by 5.5 %age factors in TEXT and by 3.9 %age factors in SOFT and the proportion of individuals without distant recurrence at 5 years by 2.6 %age points in TEXT and by 3.4 %age factors in SOFT . Although there was no significant difference in overall survival according to randomized treatment, conclusions are premature at 68 months of follow-up in this individual population. (more…)

  • 1 Million Chinese-Made Cribs Recalled Nine-month-old Liam Johns died in his bed.

    In every three deaths, the consumer had set up the drop-rail part of the crib down upside, the CPSC stated. This creates a gap in the crib that kids can slide into and suffocate. Seven additional infants have already been entrapped in the cribs, according to the CPSC. There have been 55 reports of the cribs’ drop sides detaching or the equipment failing to hold the side to the crib. Simplicity Inc., of Reading, Pa., is listed as manufacturer of all the cribs, which were made in China. The recalled cribs were offered nationwide, under the Simpleness or Graco brands, from 1998 through May 2007 January. The recall involves multiple model and models numbers. (more…)

  • For a long time Do you need a prescription to get acyclovir?.

    AAFA, Puffs Facial Cells partner to greatly help educate people with allergies As National Allergy Awareness Month continues through the entire month of May, Puffs Facial Tissues is usually proud to announce their partnership with the Asthma and Allergy Basis of America . For a long time, people living with allergies have turned to Puffs to ease the pain of their seasonal allergic reactions – such as for example annoying sniffles, watery eye, frequent repeated sneezing – but this season they can expect a lot more from the cells brand Do you need a prescription to get acyclovir? . Together, AAFA and Puffs are on a objective to help educate people with allergy symptoms about how they are able to help combat the severe symptoms that can preserve them indoors often. (more…)

  • Today announced the initiation of the randomized Stage 3 trial of ponatinib.

    Trial Design and Statistical Analysis The EPIC trial can be a randomized, two-arm, multicenter trial that compares the efficacy of ponatinib with that of imatinib in adult sufferers with diagnosed CML in the chronic phase newly. The trial will end up being conducted at up to 175 investigational sites in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Sufferers in the trial should be at least 18 years of age and identified as having CML within six months prior to enrollment. Approximately 500 patients will be randomized 1:1 to standard doses of ponatinib or imatinib . Escalation of the imatinib dose to 600 mg or 800 mg per day is permitted. (more…)

  • Sreelatha Reddy.

    The rapid curing of bone lesions in response to anakinra confirms the importance of interleukin-1 in osteoclast activation and bone reduction. We found that the creation of inflammatory proteins by mononuclear cells in response to lipopolysaccharide was less in patients with NOMID than in our patient with the deletion; this difference could take into account the milder NOMID phenotype.14-16 Contributions by the other interleukin-1 family could be involved also.21 Your skin in this animal model has intracorneal and intraepithelial pustules, reminiscent of the lesions inside our individual, suggesting that the increased loss of interleukin-1F5 plays a part in his rash. The consequences of the increased loss of interleukin-1F6, interleukin-1F8, and interleukin-1F9 are unclear, although we’ve not observed any elevated susceptibility to contamination or other immune problems in our affected person after anakinra therapy.. (more…)