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India’s Elephant Crisis

as broken deliberately 15 years ago to subdue him and has not moved from his spot in 20 years. We move on. A 15-year-old elephant is with his mahout in a fetid pool of shallow water. The mahout has been trying for 30 minutes to get the animal to lie down, but the chains are too tight. The mahout becomes angry, humiliated. ‘He will be taught later.’ This means a beating with iron bars.” rats-mice-0251-570x321

Is Rat Vivisection Justified?

“Last week I started telling you about the terrible torture that rats undergo in laboratories. Stuffed into metal cages and drawers in dark “animal rooms”, they are taken out into the light only to be tormented. All of it is kept secret with the excuse that they are torturing these little creatures in order to help humans. This makes it difficult for someone to protest…” sanjay-gubbi-570x321

Meet the Tiger Man

“As humans, we move from one place to another. When one area is full, a new colony or society is created, and we shift there. Then to the new city and so on. When new animals are born, they have to move out to other areas. We need this kind of concept for them too. Tigers too need better and newer habitats, especially when the area of protected land is rapidly declining.”

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Animal rights campaigners allege elephant torture at Thrissur Pooram festival
Animal rights campaigners alleged that the Animal Welfare Board of India experts had been blocked from examining the jumbos, paraded at the famous Thrissur Pooram festival which began on Sunday, … dog-cull-570x321
Activists welcome SC order prohibiting culling of strays
Animal rights groups across the country are elated at the latest Supreme Court direction that indiscriminate killing of stray dogs has to end. N G Jayasimha of Humane Society International-India … wildlife-sos-570x321
Fresh photo evidence of Kerala’s cruel dog killings
City based animal activists have joined hands with animal lovers from other parts of the country to meticulously collate fresh photo and video evidence of a latest killing of 40 … dead-dogs-570x321
  • The largest nongovernment.

    Tumor Treatment Dr. Heidi Imker working at Harvard University is focused on a course of natural chemical substances called syrbactins, originally isolated from a bacterial plant pathogen. Syrbactins have been proven to possess antitumor activity and to inhibit a cellular system involved with cancer. Dr. Imker has developed a way for biosynthesis of syrbactins and some related compounds for assessment in the laboratory and in pets as a prelude to human trials. Dr. Robert Huigens working at the University of Illinois is attempting to make the organic product, Englerin A, which was isolated in small quantities from a plant in Africa. Englerin A has generated enjoyment for showing highly potent and selective activity for elimination of renal tumor cells, a tumor occurring in a lot more than 50,000 people in the U.S. (more…)

  • Director of the Molecular Immunology Analysis Device at the IRCM levitra.

    A new mechanism regulates type I interferon production in white bloodstream cells A scholarly research from a team of experts led by Dr. Andrew P levitra . Makrigiannis, Director of the Molecular Immunology Analysis Device at the IRCM, has identified a new mechanism regulating interferon creation. This discovery, co-authored by researchers from the International Medical Center of Japan , the National Cancer Institute at Frederick and the McGill Centre for the analysis of Host Resistance, on December 22 was released, 2008 in the Journal of Experimental Medication. (more…)

  • The AGA-Athena Troxel Blackburn Research Scholar Award in Neuroenteric Disease provides $270.

    The recipient of the AGA-Athena Troxel Blackburn Research Scholar Award in Neuroenteric Disease will be chosen by the AGA Research Awards Panel in accordance with AGA Institute plans and practices governing study grants.. AGA receives present to aid young investigators advance into neuroenteric disease research The American Gastroenterological Association Research Basis has received a generous gift from prominent SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA philanthropist Athena Blackburn, which will create new research opportunities for young investigators who are interested in neuroenteric disease. The AGA-Athena Troxel Blackburn Research Scholar Award in Neuroenteric Disease provides $270,000 over 3 years to young investigators who are interested in advancing analysis in neuroenteric disease. (more…)

  • There are most likely a number of urgent questions on your mind about how to make it go away info.

    9 Acne Answers and Questions You should know to Get Rid of Pimples If you have problems with persistent acne, there are most likely a number of urgent questions on your mind about how to make it go away info . In the event that you read this article, you just could find a number of of your queries answered. 1. What is acne? It is an extremely common skin infection due to excess oil made by your sebaceous glands. The skin pores of your skin become blocked up with this excess oil – – plus dead pores and skin cells. In this problem your skin become a great breeding surface for bacterial infections which results in pus-packed lumps on your own face. 2. When does acne start? It begins when puberty pieces in usually, but it can last well into your adult years. (more…)

  • Acne is caused by a combination of elements you cant control.

    Like cortisol, a natural steroid produced by your body during moments of intense stress, corticosteroids can stimulate sebum production and result in blemishes. Disulfuram is usually prescribed to greatly help chronic alcoholic patients who want to remain in circumstances of enforced sobriety. When blended with alcohol, this medication causes a variety of unpleasant symptoms intended to discourage further mixing. Unfortunately, regular usage of Disulfuram can cause acne in some patients. Immuran. Like various other immunosuppressants, Immuran is used to suppress the immune system in individuals awaiting an organ transplant. (more…)

  • A blinding eyesight disease that affects millions of people.

    A fresh age-related macular degeneration discovery Scientists have got won a major fight in the fight age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, a blinding eyesight disease that affects millions of people. In the February edition of the medical journal PLoS Medicine, the researchers explain how a scarcity of the CD36 receptor prevents the evacuation of oxidized lipids in the eye. Related StoriesDrug used to take care of Parkinson's and related diseases may delay or prevent macular degenerationAstellas enters into definitive contract to acquire OcataCharles Bonnet syndrome: an interview with Dr health journal . (more…)

  • Without knowing when to utilize the right contraception.

    This method besides preventing pregnancy and in addition protects from STD’s. Emergency Contraceptive Supplements: ECP’s are hormonal tablets taken in doses as suggested by the doctor, to avoid fertilization in girl. They should be taken within the specified period. Research is being completed to have contraceptive supplements for men too, which can reduce sperm production. Vasectomy: It is a surgical technique. In this, the right and remaining vas deferens are blocked or slice. Since the sperm has to pass through them, it is stopped by this method. (more…)

  • Safe and sound.

    ART safe and effective for treating combat-related symptoms of PTSD among veterans University of South Florida University of Nursing research suggests accelerated quality therapy may be an option for veterans with PTSD Accelerated Resolution Therapy, or ART, is a brief, safe and sound, and effective treatment for combat-related symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder among veterans and U.S. Provider members, researchers at University of South Florida University of Nursing statement in a new research sildenafil . They discovered this newer treatment – – a combination of evidence-based psychotherapies and usage of eye actions – – was shorter and more likely to become completed, than typical therapies formally endorsed by the U.S. (more…)

  • According to brand-new research released in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

    In the centre of the matter, this facility will improve diagnostics HIV+ orphans and the grouped community in Kenya. This is interpersonal responsibility on many levels, and Alliance Biosciences is certainly proud to be engaged in this project. .. Alefacept drug shows encouraging outcomes in phase 2 trial for type 1 diabetes A drug formerly used to take care of your skin disorder psoriasis shows encouraging effects in a phase 2 trial to assess the efficiency in treating type 1 diabetes, according to brand-new research released in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology. The problem is thought to affect around 400,000 people in the united kingdom; patients need lifelong treatment with insulin shots, and are at considerably increased threat of illness and death related to their condition. (more…)

  • Which demonstrated favourable tolerability and safety profiles clotrimazole betamethasone dipropionate cream.

    AFFiRiS reports encouraging outcomes from clinical research of its two Alzheimer’s vaccines AFFiRiS AG today announced that the principal endpoints have already been met for the Stage I clinical research of its two Alzheimer’s vaccines AD01 and AD02, which demonstrated favourable tolerability and safety profiles clotrimazole betamethasone dipropionate cream . These total results trigger a 10 million EUR milestone payment from licensee GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals. All 48 patients treated in these research were given four vaccinations that have been well tolerated and no serious side results associated with the vaccine applicants were observed. The outcomes demonstrate the potential value of the AFFITOME technology, which forms the system for both these vaccines and could create a generation of extremely specific vaccines. (more…)

  • Of West Penn Allegheny Wellness System in Pittsburgh.

    .. ASTRO to honor Allegheny RN with 2011 Nurse Excellence Award The American Culture for Radiation Oncology has selected Linda Meyer, RN, MSN, OCN, of West Penn Allegheny Wellness System in Pittsburgh, as the recipient of the 2011 ASTRO Nurse Excellence Award. This award is given annually to a rn who goes above and beyond the normal criteria of nursing practice. Meyer will be offered her award, a $1,000 grant, through the nurse’s welcome and orientation luncheon becoming held Sunday, 2 October, 2011, during ASTRO’s 53rd Annual Meeting in Miami Beach, Fla. Meyer received her BS in nursing from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. She actually is rays oncology nurse supervisor at Allegheny General Medical center where she has worked well since 1986. (more…)

  • S annual meeting in Atlanta.

    AMAG presents new data from two ferumoxytol stage III trials on IDA at ASH annual meeting AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc silagra cipla . today announced that brand-new data from two pivotal phase III medical trials were offered at the American Culture of Hematology's annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. The phase III trials evaluated the usage of ferumoxytol in topics with iron insufficiency anemia , of the underlying reason behind the anemia regardless, who acquired failed or cannot tolerate oral iron treatment. (more…)

  • You can apply it on the eyelashes to create them appearance fuller and even more pronounced.

    9 – Remember to wash the makeup prior to going to bed. It is imperative to wash all the makeup from the facial skin before sleeping. The Application Procedure: It is essential to learn the correct ways of applying the product so that your eye look gorgeous and highlighted. Let us learn the task in steps. 1 – It is advisable to apply mascara with a curved brush. Utilize this brush to evenly apply mascara on the underside of your upper lashes. Start from the roots and move towards the tips slowly. Wiggle the lashes to maintain them separate. 2 – Remove any clumps by closing the eye, putting the wand at the roots and sweeping through. (more…)

  • AN EXCELLENT Nights Sleep ONLY A Dream For Many Hey you!

    AN EXCELLENT Night’s Sleep ONLY A Dream For Many Hey you! Dozing at your desk! Wake up, go back home and get more sleep! That could be the message from a survey released Monday by the National Sleep Foundation online pharmacy . The survey of 1 1,000 people found participants average six hours and 40 mins of sleep a night time on weeknights, even though they estimated they’d require roughly another 40 mins of sleep to be at their best. Roughly one-third of these surveyed said they had fallen asleep or become extremely sleepy at work previously month. What size a deal that’s depends Just, of training course, on your job. Last week, the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission acknowledged it will have done even more to research a tip that security guards routinely required naps while on the job at a Pennsylvania nuclear plant. (more…)

  • Forest Laboratories Tudorza Pressair available these days in the U.

    For aclidinium to Forest Laboratories, Inc., Forest and Almirall can co-promote aclidinium in Canada. Maintains rights for the rest of the world Almirall.. Almirall, Forest Laboratories’ Tudorza Pressair available these days in the U.S. Pharmacies Forest Laboratories, Inc. and Almirall, S.A. Tudorza is a long-acting anticholinergic lately authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the long-term, maintenance treatment of bronchospasm associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease , including chronic emphysema and bronchitis. Tudorza is the 1st long-acting inhaled anticholinergic accepted by the FDA in over 8 years for COPD and is normally administered twice daily through the preloaded, multidose Pressair inhaler. (more…)

  • Protective Eyewear in Girls Field Hockey Means Fewer Accidental injuries: MONDAY.

    Protective Eyewear in Girls’ Field Hockey Means Fewer Accidental injuries: – MONDAY, Aug. 17, 2015 – – The rate of eye accidental injuries among girls playing senior high school field hockey dropped significantly after a national requirement for protecting eyewear was passed, a fresh study reports. But the mandate doesn’t cover all players generic cialis . And, the study found that the odds of sustaining an attention injury were more than three situations as high in areas where the mandate had not been implemented weighed against areas where it had been implemented. The findings may ‘help sports medication communities adopt policy changes regarding rules and protective equipment that may potentially reduce student-athlete injuries that are generally preventable,’ said study author Dr. (more…)

  • Launched in 2008.

    ‘While much pedagogical analysis transfers well from one scientific discipline to another,’ Drake notes, ‘the hands-on, interactive nature of anatomy instruction helps it be unique enough to warrant its publishing location.’ Related StoriesSpotting the symptoms of advanced prostate cancer: an interview with Brian TomlinsonBrain health: how can you decrease cognitive decline? An interview with Heather Snyder, Ph.D.Addressing quality of life needs in prostate cancer: an interview with Professor Louis DenisThus, ASE was launched, in cooperation with the American Association of Scientific Anatomists and the Human Anatomy & Physiology Culture , to provide a global forum meant for the exchange of concepts, opinions, innovations, and research at all known levels of education in the anatomical sciences, including gross anatomy, embryology, histology, and neuroscience. (more…)

  • A large study found.

    1 In 5 Medicare Patients Readmitted Fast One in five Medicare individuals end up back the hospital within a complete month of discharge, a large study found, and that practice costs vast amounts of dollars a year. The findings suggest sufferers aren’t informed enough about how to deal with themselves and stay healthy before each goes home, the researchers said. A few basic things – like producing a doctor’s appointment for departing patients – might help, they said hair loss treatment . The study discovered that a amazing half of the non-surgery individuals who returned within a month hadn’t actually seen a doctor between hospital stays. (more…)