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India’s Elephant Crisis

as broken deliberately 15 years ago to subdue him and has not moved from his spot in 20 years. We move on. A 15-year-old elephant is with his mahout in a fetid pool of shallow water. The mahout has been trying for 30 minutes to get the animal to lie down, but the chains are too tight. The mahout becomes angry, humiliated. ‘He will be taught later.’ This means a beating with iron bars.” rats-mice-0251-570x321

Is Rat Vivisection Justified?

“Last week I started telling you about the terrible torture that rats undergo in laboratories. Stuffed into metal cages and drawers in dark “animal rooms”, they are taken out into the light only to be tormented. All of it is kept secret with the excuse that they are torturing these little creatures in order to help humans. This makes it difficult for someone to protest…” sanjay-gubbi-570x321

Meet the Tiger Man

“As humans, we move from one place to another. When one area is full, a new colony or society is created, and we shift there. Then to the new city and so on. When new animals are born, they have to move out to other areas. We need this kind of concept for them too. Tigers too need better and newer habitats, especially when the area of protected land is rapidly declining.”

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Animal rights campaigners allege elephant torture at Thrissur Pooram festival
Animal rights campaigners alleged that the Animal Welfare Board of India experts had been blocked from examining the jumbos, paraded at the famous Thrissur Pooram festival which began on Sunday, … dog-cull-570x321
Activists welcome SC order prohibiting culling of strays
Animal rights groups across the country are elated at the latest Supreme Court direction that indiscriminate killing of stray dogs has to end. N G Jayasimha of Humane Society International-India … wildlife-sos-570x321
Fresh photo evidence of Kerala’s cruel dog killings
City based animal activists have joined hands with animal lovers from other parts of the country to meticulously collate fresh photo and video evidence of a latest killing of 40 … dead-dogs-570x321
  • Alejandro Hoberman.

    Alejandro Hoberman, M.D., Jack L. Paradise, M.D., Howard E. Rockette, Ph.D., Nader Shaikh, M.D., M.P.H., Ellen R. Wald, M.D., Diana H. Kearney, R.N., C.C.R.C., D. Kathleen Colborn, B.S., Marcia Kurs-Lasky, M.S., Sonika Bhatnagar, M.D., M.P.H., Mary Ann Haralam, C.R.N.P., Lisa M. Zoffel, C.R.N.P., Carly Jenkins, R.N., Marcia A. Pope, R.N., Tracy L. Balentine, R.N., and Karen A. Barbadora, M.T.: Treatment of Acute Otitis Media in Kids under 24 months of Age Acute otitis media is the most regularly diagnosed illness in kids in the United Says1 and the most commonly cited indication for antimicrobial therapy in kids2; in the United States, most children with severe otitis media have got routinely been treated with antimicrobial drugs.

    A process amendment was issued to allow crossover to the combination-therapy group for sufferers designated to the vemurafenib group, of June 27 but no individual had crossed over as of the effective data-freezing date, 2014. The median overall survival was 17.2 months for individuals in the vemurafenib group and was not reached for individuals in the combination-therapy group . The rate of overall survival at 12 months was 72 percent in the combination-therapy group and 65 percent in the vemurafenib group. The hazard ratios for the variables of V600 mutation type, sex, age . Median progression-free survival was longer in the combination-therapy group than in the vemurafenib group . (more…)

  • Abstract: Although erythromelalgia has been documented in the literature for almost 150 years.

    EM was named by Weir Mitchell in 1878 based on his research results. The first case of what became later on referred to as EM was reported by the Irish physician Robert James Graves in 1834. Although EM has been documented in the literature for almost 150 years, it is still badly understood. A few recent research demonstrated that EM individuals had lower standard of living, higher dangers of disability, morbidity and mortality. For instance, Friberg et al. Investigated the quality of existence among EM individuals in New Zealand, and discovered that they had significantly even worse scores in the categories of physical function, bodily pain, general health, vitality, social function, psychological roles, and mental health compared with healthy respondents.EM occurs either simply because a primary or secondary disorder.

    During 2005 SwirlGraft was granted regulatory approvals in the Europe and All of us. This funding round will be used to develop the SwirlGraft and specifically to finance further clinical trials for the US market. Mark White , Director of Invention & Invention at NESTA, said: ‘Veryan Medical is a great example of the type of UK development our early stage seed funding is designed to support. Through investing in its innovative technology early on we are searching to ensure that this idea has every opportunity of being fully commercialised, benefiting sufferers, those employed in healthcare, and the UK economy.’.

    Advaxis receives DSMB authorization to complete dosing in first leg of ADXS11-001 cervical dysplasia clinical trial The science team from Advaxis, Inc., , the live, attenuated Listeria monocytogenes immunotherapy business, met with the Data Safety Monitoring Board , an independent group of medical experts, yesterday and received authorization to dosage all remaining patients in the original forty individual leg of the 120-patient, cervical dysplasia medical trial being executed in the United States. (more…)

  • They say this finding.

    ‘These details can help empower sufferers and their doctors to act more aggressively, if suitable, when the person with scleroderma provides these antibodies associated with even worse outcomes,’ concludes Steen. ‘We believe early intense intervention will improve outcomes.’.. African-Us citizens with scleroderma have significantly more antibodies linked to severe complications Researchers mention 3 proteins associated with worse outcomes are located more often in blacks than Caucasians with a common form of scleroderma A new analysis finds that compared to Caucasians, African-Americans with systemic scleroderma have more antibodies in the bloodstream that are linked to severe problems and an elevated likelihood of death. They say this finding, published today in Arthritis & Rheumatism, suggests physicians may use these disease markers to display screen and treat scleroderma individuals proactively.

    The experts analyzed data collected on the initial 600 women to join the study during and immediately following their pregnancies. All individuals lived in Calgary or Edmonton. The researchers found that just 27 % of participants fulfilled the European Union’s DHA recommendations during pregnancy, and twenty five % after being pregnant. The drop following being pregnant was because fewer females took omega-3 health supplements after their pregnancies ended. Seventy-nine % of the omega-3 LCPUFA in the women’s diets originated from seafood and seaweed products, primarily salmon. The researchers noted that salmon was being among the most obtainable year-round sources of omega-3s for the individuals, who were middle to high income mostly. (more…)

  • The brochure was to study under over 65 years

    The brochure was to study under over 65 years, of the behavior and attitudes on behalf of Lundbeck that nearly 60 percent of respondents believe that people in their age group would are reluctant about discuss depression to other shows performed developed. A quarter of respondents said they believed that depression is a state of mind , not a disease that could indicate a lack of understanding of depression, which many elderly people diagnosed with depression or not receiving the help they need .

    * The research cited a consolidated analysis of five years of the date on information from a survey of the adult population, by Behaviour & Attitudes is performed for Lundbeck fieldwork 2005 to 2009 among a nationally representative, quota controlled sample of. 892 adults aged 65+. The sample reflects the national population structure, based on the census in relation to sex, face-to – region of residence, and fits industry agreed standards in the field of social class. Interviewing was conducted face-to – face in-home, and interviewers were strictly monitored and controlled. Survey design, fieldwork and analysis meet the strict quality standards dictated by Behaviour & Attitudes membership ESOMAR and the Market Research Society . (more…)

  • Secondhand Smoke in Infancy May Damage Kids Teeth: WEDNESDAY.

    Jonathan Shenkin, a clinical associate professor of health policy, health services analysis and pediatric dentistry at Boston University who’s a spokesman for the American Dental care Association, said evidence of a link between exposure to secondhand smoke cigarettes and increased threat of tooth decay has mounted in the last decade. Like the people in this study, exposure to secondhand smoke continues to be a problem in the U.S., suggesting value in additional research, he said.

    These can have devastating outcomes for people’s health and fertility if left unchecked and untreated. If avoidance efforts are to be scaled up to tackle these epidemics then sustained funding is required in order that sexual health avoidance can be made a priority locally within the NHS. Anyone who thinks they have got put themselves at risk of contracting an infection should go to a clinic for examining, as some infections can haven’t any symptoms particularly. According for some estimates, that may mean that 75 % of the united states population reaches double the usual threat of schizophrenia! ‘When we examined the findings of several observational research on supplement D and schizophrenia, we found people with schizophrenia have lower supplement D levels than healthy people,’ said researcher Ahmad Esmaillzadeh, PhD. (more…)

  • Vaccine efficacy against CIN 2+ associated with HPV 31.

    – TVC – naive included all women who dose of the vaccine dose of vaccine and who had no evidence of previous or current HPV infection, – Vaccine efficacy against CIN 2+ associated with HPV 31, 33 and 45 – and should be for young girls before the onset of sexual activity do not HPV types in the vaccine – was 92 % (66.

    The study, involving 18,644 women, confirmed GlaxoSmithKline Cervarix is highly effective in protecting against the two most common cervical cancer-causing human papillomavirus types 16 and 18 The study also showed that the vaccine cross-protection against HPV types 31, 33 and 45, the three most common cancer-causing virus types beyond 16 and 18 years. – Thomas Breuer, Head of Global Clinical R & D and Chief Medical Officer of GSK Biologicals commented: ‘These excellent results of the study confirm the efficacy of Cervarix against HPV 16 and 18 are available for the first time, the results show that this vaccine. (more…)

  • The DNA of two random individuals are 99.

    Ann Van Den Bogaert and her colleagues from the research group of Jurgen Del – Favero have also been looking into the role of TPH2 in the development of depression and manic depression. They have a genetic study in which they performed against the change of the TPH2 gene between patients with depression and healthy individuals. The DNA of two random individuals are 99.9 percent identical – the 0, which is different from the genetic variation can assume the interference.

    Depression and manic depressionDepression is one of the most common disorders in the western world, and according to the World Health Organization, there will No. 1 No. 1 disease in 2020. Ten to 15 % of the population – from all levels of society – experience depression during their lifetime, and about 5 percent have to struggle with manic depression. Scientists agree the high socio-economic costs and mortality are the causes of these mental disorders is not known. However, scientists agree that the origin be traced to be attributed to a combination of hereditary and environmental factors such as stress.

    Field in Nurse Wins ANA Immunity award for protecting troops against diseasesU.S. (more…)

  • This information was of kaiserhealthnews site.

    This information was of with permission from the Henry J site . Kaiser Family Foundation. You can view the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report, search the archives and sign up for email delivery at Kaiser health news.

    OSA is a sleep-related breathing disorder that involves breathing a reduction or complete cessation of airflow despite an ongoing effort OSA is risk of high blood risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, sudden cardiac death and all-cause mortality Sleep apnea is a of the leading co-morbidities associated with obesity , and research has shown that weight loss OSA OSA. (more…)

  • If the independent review of the RECORD trial is completed and submitted to the FDA.

    Launches campaign to withdraw Prescription Drugs to Safety Initiativeexpired, unused and unwanted prescription drugs can be dangerous when circulating in homes or in public. Thus, in the United States, the DEA , a program that people have started to fall off these drugs in selected sites on a voluntary basis. To date, more than 3,400 sites could accommodate as these drop points. Itself this Take-Back national effort to abuse, indecent waste and prevent theft People can see these sites with opening times 10:00 to 02:00 local time..

    Ellen significant safety concerns and the scientific uncertainty still remaining about this drug.

    GlaxoSmithKline told a group of independent a group of independent to to investigate fundamental aspects of clinical clinical study , the company, which examines the cardiovascular safety of Avandia compared to standard diabetes drugs.. Is currently currently Avandia and benefit from them to be able to continue with the same drugs, if they so choose, the FDA wrote today.

    Janet Woodcock, director of the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said:Allowing Avandia remain on the market, but under restrictions, is an appropriate response Dr. (more…)

  • Salk Non-Resident Fellow Dr.

    Previous winners of the Keio Medical Science Prize include Salk professors Drs Tony Hunter and Ron Evans ; Salk Non-Resident Fellow Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn , UCSD and Dr. Roger Tsien , prize in Physiology or prize in Physiology or medicine in 2008.

    With this fly model, the study showed that this trait of cardiolipin deficiency are suppressed by genetically inactivating calcium-independent phospholipase A2, which prevents the degradation of cardiolipin. This method keeps cardiolipin levels normal. The researchers were also able to treat patients BTHS lymphoblasts within a tissue culture show with the iPLA2 – VIA inhibitor BEL partially restored the tissue cultures cardiolipin homeostasis. – ‘Together, our two findings establish a causal role of cardiolipin deficiency in the pathogenesis of Barth syndrome and identify iPLA2 – VIA as a very important enzyme,’said Michael Schlame, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology and Cell Biology, NYU Langone Medical Center. (more…)

  • About PEGINTRONin the United States.

    About PEGINTRONin the United States, PEGINTRON is approved for use alone or in combination with ribavirin for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in patients with compensated liver disease, the alpha has not been previously with interferon and who treats are given at least 18 years.

    – Is important to study the low recurrence rates in line with other PEGINTRON studies (3, reported ‘PEGINTRON and weight – ribavirin was significantly more effective than flat – dosed ribavirin was especially in patients with genotype 1, and provided consistent efficacy across all weight classes, ‘said WIN-R principal investigator Ira M. Jacobson, Vincent Astor Professor of Clinical Medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University and Chief, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology / / Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City.. (more…)

  • Said IU biology professor Ton Fuqua.

    ‘These results make it clear that the widely accepted binary fission model is not a general rule and suggest that polar growth can be widely distributed,’said IU biology professor Ton Fuqua, one of IU co-authors. ‘Therefore, the future work to offer in understanding the molecular mechanisms of polar growth oriented attractive targets for the development of new antibacterial strategies. ‘.

    Ensuring that some cells can consist of newly synthesized surface molecules help bacteria vary their surface composition, to think quickly as advantageous for adaptation to new environments. Since the immune systems of many plant and animal hosts recognize bacterial cell surfaces, may be a quick change of the cell surface as the enable bacteria used in the experiments, in order to evade detection by the host cell defense systems. (more…)

  • By their nature.

    Safe HarborThis news release may performed in relation to business conducted by Genta Incorporated contain forward-looking statements. By their nature, forward-looking statements and forecasts involve risks and uncertainties because they relate to events and depend on circumstances in the future. In the future. Forward-looking statements include, without limitation, statements regarding:.

    Obviously dosage range of the drug from 30 to 150 mg, and no adverse effects were observed in this study to G4544. A first analysis of the plasma samples of low doses showed that the active substance has been absorbed after oral administration. Full pharmacokinetic assessment of higher doses is to a further analysis. ‘G4544 ease of administration ease of administration and patient convenience , which could considerably expand the usefulness of this highly active class of compounds,’said Dr. Raymond P. Warrell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Genta. ‘Further analysis of these data with additional preclinical and toxicology work are combined, it should be the multi-dose studies, which is required to to in a number of in a number of bone diseases. (more…)

  • 2 Medicare HMOs and PPOs may require a copay for these preventive care click to follow.

    2 Medicare HMOs and PPOs may require a copay for these preventive care. $ 3: 3 For preventive care visit cover details or send your name, address and $ 3:Preventive Care Medicare Rights Center 1460 Broadway New York, NY 10036The Medicare Rights Center, founded in 1989, is the largest independent source of information and support in health care rights and benefits for elderly and disabled men and women in the United States. For further information about MRC, call 212-204-6219 click to follow .

    Is Cancer Control Month: Take advantage of Medicare cancer screening, USAFor deaths from cancer, elderly and disabled adults with Medicare Advantage prevent carry of essential preventive care services that screen for various types of cancer. Cancer has moved heart disease as cause of death of Americans under the age of 85, according to the American Cancer Society. (more…)

  • These powerful drugs have many serious side effects such as kidney failure.

    Currently, people with severe uveitis take steroids or other drugs that the inflammation to control the inflammation.Unfortunately, these powerful drugs have many serious side effects such as kidney failure, glaucoma, osteoporosis, increased blood sugar, elevated blood pressure and weight gain.Because their immune systems are compromised, patients must also contact with other people contact with other people, of four years. Infectious diseases. Obviously, current therapies for uveitis greatly reduces a patient’s quality of life.

    The National Eye Institute conducts and supports research that leads eyesight treatments and plays a key role in reducing visual impairment and blindness. The NEI is part of the National Institutes of Health , an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    Trial in the U.S.nounces successful completion Rhitol Phase II clinical trialoncology focused biopharmaceutical product development company Kiadis Pharma announced that it has successfully completed its Rhitol Phase II trial with the last patient’s completion of the 6 months of treatment completed. (more…)

  • Getzenberg explained that EPCA is a marker protein that the earliest changes that occur in cells.

    More than 70 % of all prostate cancer in men over 65 in men over 65 years.. Dr. Getzenberg explained that EPCA is a marker protein that the earliest changes that occur in cells, indicating during the development of cancer.In the study, Getzenberg, also co-director of the Prostate and Urologic Cancer Program at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and colleagues developed antibodies against EPCA to detect its presence in tissues They compared 27 non – diseased control tissue samples to 29 tissue samples from patients with prostate cancer who had initial negative biopsies. A multicenter study is currently underway to further assess the utility EPCA and its possible use as a biomarker for prostate cancer.Prostate cancer exceeds lung cancer as the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in the United States with 220,900 new cases and 28,900 deaths in 2003.

    The researchers used the SOLiD System to sequence DNA from six different tumor samples, two breast tumor samples and four colorectal tumor samples, together with matching normal tissue samples. They identified an average of nine different chromosomal abnormalities in each tumor sample not not in normal tissue and that chromosomal abnormalities can be readily detected using the polymerase chain reaction in patient plasma samples. – In a separate paper, in February issue of of the journal Nature published ‘Complete Khoisan and Bantu genomes from southern Africa, ‘scientists from a consortium of institutions, Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania titled contained performed sequence analysis on individuals originated from certain hunter-gatherer tribes in southern Africa, the oldest known line of modern man. (more…)

  • According to members the Allianz.

    If the machine successfully tested in future studies and miniaturized that NIRS may also be useful in military settings to evaluate and monitor the functioning blood brain injuries, says Dr. Freeman.

    The device measures blood oxygen, similar to a pulse oximeter, Their study on a finger. Their study, published in Neurosurgical Focus, this tool provide such frontally near-infrared spectroscopy indicates known, could clinicians a safe and inexpensive way to monitor patients who a stroke a stroke, in real-time time – .

    ‘Suffer more than a third of stroke patients in the hospital another stroke, and we have some options for continuous monitoring of patients for such relapses,’says the study’s senior investigator, neuro critical care specialist William Freeman, associate professor of neurology at the Mayo Clinic. (more…)

  • Bulimia nervosa.

    Bulimia nervosa, compulsive overeating, is probably the most common form of eating disorder, and it is about ten times more common in women than in men. The state will a psychological a psychological cause, and it is for this reason usually treated with cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressants.

    The study of 6,112 patients from 42 countries found that those salmeterol salmeterol / fluticasone propionate , a slower lung function decline compared with patients who received placebo for three years had. (more…)